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Paint : Satin Varnish Sealer 60 ml -Soon available

Special for Jo Sonja verf (waterbasic)

Article code: 8163A

Satin Varnish Sealer
60 ml

High quality Satin Varnish Sealer ensures the best protection of the Jo-Sonja 
Acrylic paint. This Varnish Sealer dries to the air and does non- yellowing. Has a excellent scratch and wear resistance

1. Gently shake before use to ensure complete mixing of the ingredients. 
2. Applying varnish  with a large, varnish brush with soft bristles.
3. With a slight criss cross movement. 
4. Several thin layers are better, 
5. Allow at least 1 hour  between the layers 
5. ayers to dry. up to 4 layers per day (24 hours).
9.Clean up with mild soap and cool water.
the maximum durability is achieved as the 
varnish sealer at least 2 weeks has hardened

-Soon available