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Paint : Thinning Medium 100 ml

Special for Jo Sonja verf (waterbasic)

Article code: 8166A

Thinning Medium
100 ml

Thinning Medium is added as needed to Jo Sonja paint before application or for various techniques such as fine details or line work. Add Thinning Medium to colors when a transparent paint layer is required.

Thinning medium is used to thin Jo Sonja's paint and mediums.
Water has a dissolving effect on the paint pigment strength.

When Thinning Medium is added in small amounts it makes the paint layers transparent.
Paint mixed with Thinning medium produces remarkable thin brushstrokes for fine detail.

Use Thinning medium instead of water to reduce the viscosity of the Jo Sonja paint without causing a dissolving effect.

The addition of water to Jo Sonja paint dilutes the paint, causing poor coverage and adhesion to surfaces. Thinning Medium solves that problem.

Thinning Medium:
  • For thinning Jo Sonja's paint.
  • Does not affect the color depth.
  • For perfect execution of “fine detail” techniques.
  • Extends the drying time of the paint.

€ 8.95