Construction Work


At last after a long preparation and a lot of troubles which had be overcome is afterwards 
2 ½ nevertheless started year with the necessary extension of shop and Atelier. By the increasing number of products wich we are the past 3 years are go conduct became already rapidly the shop and the Atelier space too small. And our customers rapidly to be able live had we stock will moor of the. We 3 years have therefore suffered decided our backyard will cultivate with new construction and the current atelier at the shop involve to. 

In the new construction ther will arise a space where even the shipping work will occur for our customers which spread over whole Europe. Also a separate foundry with rise of approx. 1200  ceramics and porcelain molds is realised. In this space the ceramics characters and porcelains dolls is then poured. Where upon they are baked in the two present ovens. 

Also the Atelier/workshop space will be arranged in the new construction figure get and attractive so that the pleasure at us of following a workshop. The reborn workshops at a technically high-minded level, and the instructions be supported be given by means of DVD shows so that you directly have the examples. 

Look in advance to the photograph then leaves you going a show to get what there all happened at atelier Wiesje. The end off the construction work been planned in the middle of November 2009 to which we can will carry care for the run-down and the institution as the extension of the shop. 

In the middle of September 2010 all activities wound up be and we will celebrate this with our customers. 

Enjoy the world of Dolls, Enjoy Atelier Wiesje Dolls and Gifts

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