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1003 - Catalog-Book 2010/2011

Secrist Tutorial Catalog

Article code: 1003

2010/2011 Tutorial Boek/Catalog Rebonen - Sculpting
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The International Tutorial and Product Guide is the only one of its kind in the entire reborning industry. Find out what tens of thousands of reborners around the world have already discovered - the Secrist Guide is one of the most valuable reborning resources you have! 
The 2010/2011 edition features 10 completely new tutorials along with many additional tips, tricks, and detailed accounts for better understanding reborning paints and tools. The new, longer product descriptions, informative introductions, and dual Reborning-Sculpting covers will make sure you treasure the Guide more than ever 

You will never throw this BOOK away! 
This year the Guidebook has a card stock cover, heavier duty internal pages, and a perfect binding (the kind of binding soft cover books sold off the shelf have) 
The extra UV coating on both covers help to protect it and make the book last a very long time. 
Double feature! 
There are two "front" covers to this book. 
The reborning section of the book is about 3/4 of the total pages and sculpting 1/4 of the total pages. 

New 2010/2011 Tutorials: 
  • Get Reborn Success Using Authentic Reborn Paint 
  • Control Your Paint for Consistently Better Results 
  • Avoid Costly Bruising with Internal Dry Wash Method 
  • Creating More Natural Newborn Skin Textures 
  • Dramatically Enhancie Your Baby with Shading 
  • Which is Best? Using Painted Vs. Penciled Eyebrows 
  • Learn How to Erase Mistakes! 
  • Turn "Orange" Vinyl Into a Beautiful Lifelike Color 
  • "Sculpted" Vinyl Limbs for Your Clay Sculpted Head 
  • How to Prevent Clay Heads from Cracking 
  • Use Clay Match Paints to Cover Spots in Clay Sculpts 
  • Training DVDs & Starter Kits 
  • Special Technique Tutorials & Photo Technique Guides (get advanced training on specific issues) 
  • Baby Dolls (both painted and unpainted) 
  • Doll Parts (with more descriptions than ever) 
  • Paint Brushes & Painting Supplies (see all the different skin texture tools you have to choose from to create your own unique look) 
  • Authentic Reborn & Genesis Paints (better prices on GHS and awesome new complexion paints with comparison photos) 
  • Reborn Tools & Supplies (an amazing selection of every tool you need) 
  • 12" - 19" Sleepers & 19" - 22" Under-Clothes (Secrist exclusive) 
  • Adorable Baby Embellishments

New Sculpting Section: 
  • Sculpting Training DVDs & Starter Kits (great prices on getting started in sculpting) 
  • New Sculpting Supplies (all new tools make sculpting affordable, easy, and fun) 
  • New Sculpting Paints (Authentic Reborn has amazing clay match paints and sculpted baby paints) 
  • New Vinyl Limbs for Sculpted Doll Heads (use vinyl limbs that look like clay to finish your full size sculpted baby

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