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410903 - Paint : Petite Paint Ethnic Set Flesh 03-05 - Not available

Petite Paint Ethnic Set Flesh 03-05

Article code: AW410903

Economy Petite Ethnic Paint Set
2 Jars

Enough for 3 or more dolls! 

Genesis Paints Flesh 05 and 03 are perfect for creating various skin tones for darker skinned babies like Hispanic, African American, and Indian. You can use one or both to create the look that you want. 

The quantity of dolls you can paint from one petite jar varies tremendously and is based on the artist's technique and the amount of waste. Frequently more paint is wasted then actually used for painting the doll. To prevent this excess waste we recommend you use a toothpick to scoop tiny amounts of paint out of the jar. Using this method some artist's have found that one petite paint jar can easily work for 3 or more dolls!

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