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6103 - DVD: Rooting Your Baby Engelstalig

Learn how to micro root hair like the pros.

Article code: 6103

Rooting Instructional DVD 
Learn how to micro root baby hair like the pros! 


Rooting babies hair adds an incredible level of realism to your 
reborned babies. To make your baby come alive with soft gentle 
looking baby hair is difficult to do. There are many secrets to doing 
it well but those secrets can be hard to find. 
In this DVD Stephanie Sullivan reveals those secrets to you as she 
takes you through every step with incredible close ups of her actually 
rooting the baby's hair. Watch her as she shows you how to start 
the crown and how to spiral the hair folicles as you root towards 
the frontal hair line. Learn how to assemble and use the pin vise 
and how to hold the needle as you root. Watch Stephanie as she 
shows you many different aspects of rooting hair so life like that it 
looks like your baby grew it. This is your chance to watch a professional 
rooter work up close and personal with you 

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