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7815 - Sculpting : Secrist Clay Shaper Tools Medium

Perfect for sculpting and applying life-like creases & wrinkles to all size baby sculpts!

Article code: 7815

Secrist Clay Shaper Tools - Medium
(The Medium clay shapers are best for larger sculpts. If you will be creating smaller sculpts use the Small clay shapers.)

How the sculpting pros make such cute, detailed baby faces! Available individually or as a set. 

If there is only one set of sculpting tools you ever buy, these need to be that set! Most artists make slits and gashes instead of actual wrinkles, but with the clay shaper tools you can make smooth rounded wrinkles just like real baby wrinkles! Our soft-tipped, high quality clay shapers will last you a very long time and not break down with regular wear and tear like cheaper, hard-tipped imitations. Sculpting miniatures requires tiny tipped tools - our miniature clay shapers are like having mini fingers to sculpt with! The clay shapers allow a level of control not available with other kinds of sculpting tools. Learn how to effectively use these wonderful tools through our video

Available individually or as a set of 5: 
  • A - Set 5 pices
  • B - Cup Round
  • C. Cup Chisel
  • D. Taper Point
  • E. Flat Chisel
  • F. Angle Chisel

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