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8549 - Body : Suéde like Clothbody 3/4 Limbs - Available

For a 12" - 14" Reborn doll with 3/4 Limbs

Article code: 8549

12 "-14" HQ Do Suède Body for 3/4 Limbs 
disc jointed body slip

  • available in three colors

Suitable to make an 12"-14" finished reborn doll. 
This is a high quality suede like material, hit the extra soft texture from the suede-like fabric adds even more realism to your adorable newborn. This cuddly body makes your newborn baby huggably soft and gives the added air of quality to a doll you've worked so hard to create 
The kind of body slip you use will strongly impact the feel of your baby nestled in your arms. 
Suede-like Cuddly Body Slip
Comes with pre-inserted ty-wraps for attaching the 3/4 length vinyl limbs to the body slip. Includes pre-inserted ty-wraps for attaching the limbs to the body slip. 

€ 13.95