AW300204 - Dollkit 19 - Vincent Limited 2000 Limited Edition

Sculpt van Laura Tuzio Ross

Article code: AW300204

Dollkit 19" : Vincent - full arms and full legs
Limited Edition 2000 pcs

New kit from Laura Tuzio, what a sweetheart! This little bundle of joy will come as a blank kit, including head and limbs only, and certificate. Be sure to order a custom body to save on time and shipping with your order. This will sell out quickly. Be sure to get one!

Name: Vincent
Size:19-inch - 48 cm 
Eyes: 20 mm
Limited edition: 2000 st World Wide

Sculpt by Laura Tuzio Ross

The kit will consist of: 
- Unpainted vinyl (head,  full arms and fulll legs)
- Certificate

The following upgrade options are available: 
- Clothbody ( specifically designed for Vincent)
- Bellyplate 

€ 89.90