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AW300319 - Dollkit 29 - Linh Limited edition

Sculpt van Sigrid Bock

Article code: AW300319

Dollkit 29" : Linh - full arms and full legs
Limited Edition 

Linh is a 29 inch (73 cm) very lifelike reborn toddler.
New reborn kit by Sigrid Böck, is made of high quality soft vinyl in a soft skin color

The kit is made of a high quality skin colored soft vinyl, produced in Germany and phthalate free. 

Artist: Sigrid Bock
Name: Linh
Edition : Limited Edition TBD
Certificate :  Certificate Of Authenticity - COA 
Length: 29 inch - 73 cm
Head circumference: 17  inch - 42 cm
Limbs: full arms and full legs
Eyes: 24 mm:  exclusive
Body: Cloth body: including
Vinyl: Upper Torso + Cnnectors including 
Vinyl: produced in Germany | light skin colour
Estimated delivery:  November 2020

The kit will consist of: 
- Unpainted vinyl (head,  full arms and fulll legs)
- Cloth body ( specifically designed for Linh)
- Vinyl Upper torso + Connecters
- a hook to assemble the kit
- Assembly instructions
- LE certificate of authenticity. (COA)

€ 164.90