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AW304140 - Dollkit 20 - Juliet - UITVERKOCHT

Sculpt van Marissa May

Article code: AW304140

Dollkit 20" : Juliet - 3/4 limbs

A doll kit for the reborners by Marissa May. Juliet is a 20" baby with 3/4 arms and legs. She has the sweetest expression and peaceful face.

Grootte :20 inch - 50 cm 

Sculpt van Marissa May

De doll kit wordt compleet geleverd met:
  • Unpainted vinyl like head, arms and Legs.
3/4 length arms
3/4 length Legs

The following upgrade options are available: 
  • Disc Jointed Cloth Body 20 inch ( Suede like or Cotton) 
  • Real Acryl Eyes 20 mm
  • Lauschear Kristall Eyes 20 mm

Cotton Body 
These are especialy disgned for Juliet. Assembled with Disc Jointed and cable ties already threaded through for you.

Doe Suéde Body 
This body has also especialy designed especially for Juliet. 
Manufactered from the new doe suède fabric BabySkinTM in a very lifelike skin color.All seams are serged for added durability. 
with joints and cable ties already threaded through for you